Now some difficulties were beginning to arise as under the terms of my contract with the BBC, the design had to be offered to them. Fortunately the "pop" era had just started and the main request was for more power, so the BC1 was turned down. Around about this time there was a special requirement within the BBC for one pair of speakers about the size of the BC1's. Being a kind soul I suggested that my design could be used, so I was given the task of producing an official version of the BC1, later designated the LS3/6. This design used an 8 inch unit made by the Research Department, the Celestion HF1300 and a redesigned crossover.

Some months later BC1's were fitted with an amplifier mounted in the back panel and the 4001G super tweeter added. This addition was for purchase tax reasons, but it did have two extra gains. Firstly it improved the overall dispersion characteristics, secondly, from the broadcasting angle, it made the detection of any 625 line breakthrough more easily detected.

Now the LS3/6 was offered to a number of commercial companies and eventually taken by Rogers, then under the control of Jim Rogers. Ironically, as Spendor was now a commercial company, it was agreed that a royalty should be paid to the BBC for each BC1 produced. This was in recognition of the work I had done on the loudspeaker whilst still employed by the BBC. To perhaps prove the order of development of the two systems, it is of note that out of over two thousand BC1's supplied to the professional market to date, there are over six hundred in operation with the BBC and as far as I know very few, if any, LS3/6 loudspeakers...

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