Frequently asked questions


Can Spendor speakers be bi-amped ?

This facility is only available on some of our products. Bi-amping allows two independent audio power amplifier of equal or similar quality to be used for LF and HF signals. Unless the amplifiers are carefully matched, differences in amplitude or phase may seriously degrade acoustic performance.

Who is the manufacturer of Spendor's drive units ?

All Spendor LF and MR drive units are designed and built at our factory for exclusive use in our loudspeakers, and HF units are made to our rigorous specification by leading specialists.


What does "pair matching" mean and is it important ?

All the component parts of our products are methodically matched across the frequency band to well within 1.0 dB before assembly, ensuring a perfectly stable stereo image at all frequencies.

Do my speakers need "running-in" ?

Your loudspeakrs will benefit from a period of running-in. During this period the stresses in the suspension system will relax and stabilise. This period is dependent on many factors and can vary from days to weeks depending onhow often and how loud you play them. This is not a cause for concern and your speakers will improve as you use them during this initial period.

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