Frequently asked questions


What does "power rating" mean ?

The power rating for your speakers should be taken as a guide to the power rating for a complementary amplifier. However, provided that you NEVER play at levels where the sound is strained or distorted, the power rating is not critical. Programme material with a high degree of low frequency content can drive loudspeakers past their safe limit of mechanical movement. If the sound is strained or distorted, always turn the playing level down immediately.

What do I do if I need service for my loudspeakers ?

If you require advice or service on your audio system please contact your Spendor dealer. We recommend that you retain all the packaging for your loudspeakers in case you need to transport them safely in the future.


How do I care for my Spendor loudspeakers ?

Cabinet veneers and high gloss lacquers should be treated like high quality furniture. Routine dusting with a soft cloth is recommended. Do not apply any aerosol spray directly to the loudspeaker as this could damage the drive units or grille fabric. Dust on the grille cloth can be removed with a sticky roller or a piece of sticky tape or by gentle vacuuming with a soft brush adaptor. Do not expose the cabinets to damp, widely fluctuating temperatures or direct sunlight, as appearance and performance may suffer. Spendor cabinets are finished in natural wood and high gloss lacquers. Over time the wood will age and mature, evening out and often darkening the surface colour while highlighting the natural grain and patina. Care should be taken whilst cleaning high gloss lacquers to avoid scratching caused by dirty cleaning cloths.

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