Inside Timberworx

What-HiFi? recently published this insightful article about Timberworx…the Spendor owned speaker cabinet business you might not have heard of!

Timberworx is a specialist speaker cabinet maker based in Sheffield, a city in South Yorkshire, England. It has been under Spendor’s ownership over the last six years, and as well as building enclosures for Spendor speakers also makes them for the likes of ProAc, Neat, KEF, Linn and Mission, among others.

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2019 StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi Show Announced

Australia’s most well-attended exhibition of hi-fi, home cinema and headphones, will take place in Melbourne, October 18th – 20th, 2019. Returning for its fourth year in 2019 after a record-breaking attendance of over 3,000 visitors in 2018, the show continues to evolve and expand.


Press Release

On September 8th 2018, Audio Lounge, retailers of the world’s most technically brilliant and musically engaging high-end audio equipment, opened a new store.