Spendor D7.2 • BELIEVE HIFI

Believe HiFi was sparked into life through years of rigorous listening and close relationships with sound engineers, classical musicians and enthusiasts alike. This was coupled with a belief that our relationship to music should be akin to a mindful and present experience, where we aren’t trapped in other thoughts. Music shouldn’t just be used as background noise for driving, exercising or dancing.

They believe a great system can help anyone understand the magic of taking time to sit and listen intently to music, feeling a deep emotional engagement of mindfulness – much like meditation.

We are thrilled that Theo Yannakou from Believe HiFi has posted this glowing review of the Spendor D7.2. In his words:
Precision Personified!

Please click here to watch and listen to Theo’s full review in detail.


Spendor D9.2 • HiFi Critic

“Chris Frankland gets to grips with this new Spendor floorstander and – after falling under its spell – hopes that this big Spendor will indeed spend a little time with him!”


Spendor D7.2 • HiFi World

“A revised mid-range unit elevates the new D7 .2 above its predecessor. If you are looking for a floorstander with punch yet a smooth and refined nature then they should be on the top of your wish list.”


Spendor D9 • Lite Magazin

“Excellent sound quality is complemented by excellent workmanship and a high-quality selection of materials. The D9 has everything you need to become the next Spendor legend.”


Spendor D9 • HiFi Lautsprecher

“Spendor is one of the great old names who have heritage and vision. It all started – of course – with the legendary BBC monitor, and the quality carries on, as the new D9 shows”