Spendor Classic 2/3 • HiFi & Musik

“Small stand-mount speakers are part of HiFi’s home cooking, these are three manufacturers that have made the compact format three-star fine dining.

Of-course there are enough here with detailed resolution and clarity, but at Spendor, the emphasis is more on the whole, rich sonic warmth and not least the wonderfully straightforward and lightning fast dynamic outcome rather than analytical accuracy. Yes, if we ever heard a stand-mount speaker that could be called all-round and versatile, it really is this one The Spendor model, as in its capacity size in addition can fill larger rooms and play both deeper and with higher sound pressure than either of the other two.”

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Experience pays off: With the reinterpretation of the classic 3/5, Spendor had done everything correctly. The sound, workmanship & design is exquisite.


Classic 200Ti • HiFi News

“David Price & Keith Howard report on a classic with a modern twist as Spendor
launches a flagship inspired by its iconic 1970s models.”


Classic 2/3 • What HiFi

“These large retro-themed standmounters are capable of class-leading sound. These are speakers that we could listen to for hours on end without tiring, yet they have enough in the way of excitement and drive to entertain when the music demands.”


Classic 200 • Lite Magazin

An English brand that stands for excellence in sound, the highest standards of workmanship – and a serenity that outlives all short-winded trends in the industry.


Classic 1/2 • HiFi Lautsprecher

“It has the “oldschool” looks: the Spendor Classic 1/2 takes the old virtues from the legendary BBC listening monitors and evolves these characteristics for the current Classic 1/2″